Is it possible to justify having a new understanding of fashion, of aesthetics, of the body, of the (ab)use of resources, of beauty, of living space and of necessity three or four times per year? Perhaps. But what for? No short-term thinking, no hype. Rather, contemporary classics. But above all, cut to fit. Tailor-made for a person, not for an occasion. Making it in the here and now. Dressed for and dressed by the brief eternity called the present. Unfazedly characteristic and clear. Freedom of movement – not only for the body. If the garb isn’t right, it’s no fault of the occasion. If the occasion isn’t right, the best garb can’t make amends. If the choice of clothing is (to be) the predeterminer of occasions, meetings and experiences, then nakedness again becomes a serious option. BIEST Fashion is a supple, snuggly plea against (continual) nakedness and the (ongoing) impoverishment of experience(s) and events. (Fits!)



2021: Palma Llopis
2020: Fette Sans
2019: Fette Sans
2018: Fette Sans
2017: Anne Pöhlmann
2016: TobiasKruse/OSTKREUZ
2015: TobiasKruse/OSTKREUZ
2014: TobiasKruse/OSTKREUZ
2013: TobiasKruse/OSTKREUZ