BIEST introduces the minimalist solution for a mobile chamber. This living box is built up of prefabricated modules so that you can assemble it everywhere and in a little while. The ground plan is variable so that there is nearly no limitation in regard to the place of location. GEISTERFAUST refers to the artictic works of Gordon Matta-Clark and Sol Lewitt as well as to the provisional architecture of the barracks in the megacities in India and South America. This architectural mantle wants to be part of something. It wants to be a chamber on its own but a chamber that is flexible in any situation and
that can be implemented in a larger room. It has
the potential to be a room for communication as well
as for meditation and various other functions. GEISTERFAUST consists of former fair architecture what makes it so easy to built it up or to remove it and what incorporates the idea of sustainability and ecological responsibility.

Exhibition: Industriemuseum, Marianne Brandt Wettbewerb, Chemnitz, 2013

Exhibition: Berlin Design Selection, Design Miami Art Basel, 2013

Video: Miro Mastropasqua

Photo: Tobias Kruse/OSTKREUZ