I’ll press you into service!


If you screw up your eyes, it’s like looking at a starry sky. Tangible at least. But it goes by the name “Shadowfax”. Once again, industrial means of production carried over into craftsmanship. And once again, tailormade, and thus available in the two lengths of standard neon tubes. And yes, “Shadowfax” can also be taken out. Into the meadows. Into the woods. Into the bar. Press, press, press … let there be light. Press, press, press .. and there was darkness. Perforation can mostly be seen as a concession to an anticipated decision taken by others: the beetle in the jar wants to live, so the lid is perforated. The visitor wants both swift access and a souvenir, so the admission ticket is perforated. The telephone number under the quest for lodgings wants you to take it with you … etc. The idea that perforation has only beneficial effects may be a fallacy. In the case of perforated condoms, there is often talk of direly thwarted expectations. Lovely light here!


Photo: Ina Schoenenburg/OSTKREUZ