A hybrid. Uniting in itself all that is needed. It is carried. It can carry. It is worn. It is wearable. Active – passive. To carry or to be. Hands should always have something better to do than carrying what is not worn. The powerto change function, appearance, form – and thus use – from one moment to the next just goes to show how close to one another such concepts are. What a good thing that these attributes can be so easily sloughed and slipped off. Does the chameleon change its (dis)position with its colour? Hunter or hunted? The coat is at the same time the bag that carried it or will carry it. The draped folds at the back creating the form can (with)hold many other things within. The cape becomes itself a protective covering for whatever is in need of protection. You? Your clothes? Mother’s fur? My integument? It is not only when the ship is sinking that it is advisable to avoid ballast.


Photo: Ina Schoenenburg/OSTKREUZ