What holds & sustains us in this world?
What enables us to experience our world?
What experience would we wish from this world?


The firmness of bonding.
The beauty of bonding.
The hold given by & through bonding.
The flexibility achieved by & through bonding.

With HABITAT and its creating and (re)solving, its holding and releasing, its re-interpreting and re-organizing of bonding, BIEST enables and empowers not only a place of sleep or of suspended reclining, but also an equip-fit. Which, in the inimitable BIEST-ly manner, always wants to be, can be and thus is more than a mere outfit.

Use of the HABITAT ensues from the rigours, requirements & rationales prevailing.

Unbounded yet always binding!

Photo: Fette Sans
In collaboration with Clara Twele

Performance: AUSLAND BERLIN 2022

Exhibition: JAPAN TOUR 2k+18 Osaka THE BLEND INN, Kyoto FORUM KYOTO, Tokyo GIFT_LAB 2018