Exhibition: Museum Сentre ‘Ploshchad Mira’, Krasnojarsk, 2021
Curator: Thibaut de Ruyter

Photo Exhibition: Aleksey Myslitsky
Photo Catalog: Noria Arai
Photo Fashion: Dmitry Shtifonov

Ochumelaya Vystav ka — The Fine Hands Show is an exhibition of works conceived by 34 international artists in Berlin and implemented by more than one hundred producers in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia) based on their instructions.
Through its remote production process, the exhibition acknowledges the realities
of art – making since the invention of the ready – made at the start of the twentieth century and the rise of conceptual practices in the 1970s. But although modern art revolutionised the way art is made by postulating that conceiver and
producer need not be identical, many museumgoers still perceive the works on display as unique, handmade objects.
In a nod to the 1971 exhibition Pier 18 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York – in which photographer Harry Shunk ‘acted out’ the work s on the participants’ instructions –we asked artists from various disciplines, including painting, sound and video art, sculpture, fashion design, and photography, to formulate directions for the production of an artwork. Each provided one to ten standar d pages of more or less detailed, more or less poetic, more or less feasible instructions. The makers in Krasnoyarsk, including artists, craftsmen and laypeople, in turn used the assignments as an opportunity to showcase their personal abilities and explor e new techniques.
A playful and skilful exhibition that reflects on transmission, copyright and authorship, Ochumelaya Vystavka — The Fine Hands Show is also a tongue – in – cheek commentary on the vagaries of international exhibitions in an age of global travel restrictions and reduced carbon emissions.
The exhibition is shown at the Museum Сentre ‘Ploshchad Mira’ as part of the 14th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale and the Germany Year in Russia 2020/2021,
which is organised by the German Embassy in Moscow, the Goethe – Institut and the Russian – German Chamber of Commerce.