Fade Up

Exhibition: Gipsstraße 1, Berlin, 2011

I am what you become

Something exists only through its demarcation from something else – be the distinction semiotic, spatial, corporeal or ideal. Only by delimiting a phenomenon, by focussing, by extracting does insight become possible. In “Fade up”, BIEST and Tobias Kruse show – each in their own media – models of experiencing space, employing reduction and concentration to evoke foresight.

The fear of the transient is the fear of nature, indeed of being. It is no coincidence that BIEST and Kruse came together in this project: common to both is the idea of reduction, of essence – with BIEST the idea of the mobile cocoon, the possibility of a thinking space, determined by others and self-fulfilled. In Kruse’s photographs an ostensibly obstructed or obscured, yet contour-giving view.

In the combination of the two approaches, the idea of the opposition of microcosm and macrocosm, whose existence is ineluctably inter-determining, takes on force. From within BIEST’s box, perspectives are opened up onto Kruse’s photographs, forming a unity of thinking about inside and outside, interior and exterior, the internal and the external.

Film: Miro Mastropasqua
Photo: Tobias Kruse/OSTKREUZ