To the question as to whether Malevich and Mondrian have not already said everything that can be said with a square Josef Albers answers: “No. Mondrian never painted a correct, precise square. And Malevich only rarely showed it mathematically. I believe that, fundamentally there is no ultimate solution in visual formulation. Each and every form demands repeated ‘performance’.”

BIEST’s new Square series engages and exercises the ideas of non-objectivity and of performance. Namely, a non-objectivity which, when filled by its wearer, again becomes a body, a thing, an object. Wherein otherwise could its substance and shape lie? And surprisingly contour-giving into the bargain. There is always the need of a space for rendition, reverberation, resonance. The white ground in Malevich, the frame of the picture, the border to another colour, contour, meaning. It would be too easy to see in nothingness always just the immanent whole. At BIEST, the Platonic body (that is, the body with utmost symmetry) and our bodies (that is, bodies that are human only when and because they are asymmetrical) come together in repeated perfomance. If symmetry enhances the aesthetic feeling of beauty / truth – are we then the winners?


Photo 2021: Noria Arai
Photo 2018: Palma Llopis

Performance: BAUWENDE FESTIVAL, Berlin  BIEST feat. Tomoko Nakasato, Schneider TM, Daniela von Daramos, Berlin 2022

Performance: AUSLAND, Berlin  BIEST mit Tomoko Nakasato, ECTOPLASTIC, Berlin 2022


Exhibition, Workshop: Ploshchad`Mira, Museum for Contemporary Art, Krasnojarsk 2021


Exhibition: KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin 2020

Performance: Forum Kyoto, Japan 2018

Exhibition: BLEND Inn, Osaka, Japan 2018