Exhibition: FORUM KYOTO, Kyoto, 2018
Performance: Kyoko Nomura, Yuki Goda, Fumi Takenouchi
Sound: Masahiko Takeda
Photo: Ryosuke Machido/Masaomi Kurono

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto


BIEST’s new Square series engages and exercises the ideas of non-objectivity and of performance. Namely, a non-objectivity which, when filled by its wearer, again becomes a body, a thing, an object. Wherein otherwise could its substance and shape lie? And surprisingly contour-giving into the bargain. There is always the need of a space for rendition, reverberation, resonance. It would be too easy to see in nothingness always just the immanent whole. At BIEST, the Platonic body (that is, the body with utmost symmetry) and our bodies (that is, bodies that are human only when and because they are asymmetrical) come together in repeated perfomance. If symmetry enhances the aesthetic feeling of beauty / truth – are we then the winners?