Video: Steven Klöbsig
Sound: Daniel Matz
Foto: Ina Schoenenburg/OSTKREUZ

BIEST is an art project which inspires new contemplation of old associations: Body and Space in relation to the dimensionality of fashion, intimacy, and perception.

Stories are weaved out of BIEST materials. These fabrics inspire thoughts about our place in the world, and our motivations; crystallizing thematic responses out of raw materials.  The pattern of life repeats itself in the pattern of fabric. The patterns of fabric limit a body to two dimensions, while at the same time adhering to the conditions of the three-dimensional. In a very similar way,  BIEST fabrics play with a varying dimensionality of forms and ideas for housing. Enjoying a unique geometric mutability, the fabric square turns into a blanket, a jacket, a coat, or even a tent and not just a single tent. We have serendipitously advanced from the times where a sword would have to cut a coat in half to keep two people warm. However the beauty and necessity of the gesture remains ingrained in our thinking.  It is pure poetry, what the precision of geometry in details of fabric and design creates. There are countless variants of different combinations, add-ons and usages. You create your own fashion- reality by what you are able to perceive as possibility.

BIEST is a tool which can help you open your perception to new possibilities, and realize them at once. The sheer desire to be manifests into fashion, a “performative utterance”. Body and space are intricate co-creators of the BIEST art project. A room full of possibilities: Room to think, be free, separate, creative, protected, and to drift off into anther dimension. To live in the physical world signifies more than anything to exist in material form, and as such we occupy space. This serves as a reminder that dimensional thinking and the development of spatial constructions are not off-springs of the late ‘topographical turn’, but rather mark the beginning of philosophy itself.

Exhibition: VILLA KAMOGAWA, Kyoto / CLB BERLIN, Berlin 12/21 – 05/22


Japan 2017


Exhibition: Inframince Inc., Osaka
Japan 2017

Lecture, Artist Talk with Moichi Kuwahara and Tetsuya Ozaki , GI Kyoto

Exhibition: Centro Metropolitano de Diseno, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014

PERFORMANCE: Sammlung Hoffmann, Berlin, 2014
Performance: Tomoko Nakasato
Sound: Daniel Matz

Exhibition: Fine Furniture Gallery, Berlin, 2013